square and round dance in eastern ontario

Quizzes to Challenge Your Square Dance Knowledge

Most of the quizzes linked from this page started life as a series of bulletins sent to EOSARDA dancers during the begining of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Since the pandemic had shut down all dancing, Dave Hutchinson -- a local caller from Marlbank, Ontario -- was "trying to find ways to keep the dancers active and square dancing fresh in their minds". So Dave set about creating a set of 5 quizzes that he offered to all dancers. Each quiz has questions for Basic, Mainstream, Plus and Advance levels of dancing.

If you didn't get around to checking out all the quizzes when they were first offered, Dave's quizzes and answers are listed here for you to read or print out at your convenience.

As well as preserving these challenges for future years, we thought some dancers might also appreciate a more interactive version of the quizzes where you can enter and check your answsers directly on the same webpage. This version also includes a reminder list of moves for each level ... and No ... a little help is not cheating :-).

Thus there two versions of each quiz -- the original ones that you can print out and take with you (links on the right) and the interactive versions below.

Interactive Quiz Format

Quiz 1
What was that
Quiz 2
Where am I?
Quiz 3
Cryptic Clues
Quiz 4
Should I know
that move?


Quiz 5
Scrambled Letters


UK Quiz
From the
Tudor Squares