square and round dance in eastern ontario

Harold Moore -- Calling for 43 Years
from 1976 to 2019 

Information provided by Pearl King.
Harold Moore started calling in 1976; August 2019 is his last calling assignment at the Riverside Gypsy Squares.

Harold was a Charter Member of the Gypsy Squares when it first started in 1994. The Gyspy Squares are celebrating their 25th Anniversary in 2019, and Harold has called for every one of those years. Not only has he called, but Harold was instumental in refurbishing the Gypsy's dance hall, installing a bathroom and a kitchen sink replacing windows in the hall, bringing in fans to cool the hall, etc.

Harold started calling for the Octopedes in Ingleside in 1976 and later, the Northfield Squares in Northfield Station. Then in 1988, Harold and Marion started the Seaway Squares at the public school in Morrisburg. A lot of dancers will fondly remember his annual "Dance for Knowledge" evening to raise money for the school. The club moved to Dunbar for the final few years before closing in 2018, just short of it's 30th anniversary.