square and round dance in eastern ontario

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Avoid conflicts. Please check the web calendar and pick a date that doesn't conflict with another event. EOSARDA may not publicize an event if it could significantly impact attendance at an existing event.

Accompanying flyers should be in PDF or JPG format. (see box at right -->)

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Flyers should be PDF files to ensure everyone can open the file.
Please also include:
- the Name of your event, and
- the Date and Time of your event
This saves having to open and read your flyer to find the needed information.

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If your Broadcast Email contains a flyer, you also need to supply text to appear in the associated e-mail message. Such text is important to set the tone of the email and will encourage recipients to open your link or attached flyer.

Links to flyers or websites can be included in the text if you like.

More than one message may be sent for a specific event: typically there is one fairly far ahead to allow people to reserve the date and one nearer the time to act as a reminder. More than two might be considered excessive and might be rejected -- if too many messages are sent, they become counter-productive spam.