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EOSARDA Bulletins

EOSARDA routinely sends out Bulletins via email to club contacts who, in turn, forward these bulletins to their members.  These bulletins might be information from EOSARDA, or information from a Club that wants to communicate with dancers.

Not getting these bulletins? The primary EOSARDA distribution list ensures that all bulletins are sent to your club representative so that they can be forwarded to club members. If you are not getting these bulletins passed on to you, please contact your club rep to find out why. If you are the club rep, then see "Resubscribing" below.

Getting too many bulletins. If you belong to more than one club, you may get multiple bulletins. Since clubs likely only maintains one club mailing list for their members, please don't ask your club remove you from their mailing list because you still need to get other club-related communications. If you get multiple bulletins, simply delete the extras.

Receive bulletins directly. It is really easy for you to receive the EOSARDA Bulletins directly. Simply click the link below and follow the directions. You can also subscribe to the distribution list by sending an e-mail message to bulletins@eoDance.ca asking to be added to our distribution list. You'll get the bulletins directly without needing to wait for them to be forwarded.
      Click here to add yourself to the direct mailing list.

Unsubscribing. You can only unsubscribe from getting bulletins directly from EOSARDA; you will still get bulletins forwarded to you by your club as per their policy. Note that unsubscribing from one bulletin, will unsubscribe you from ALL bulletins.

Re-subscribing. If you unsubscribed yourself (intentionally or accidentally) by clicking the unsubscribe link in an EOSARDA Bulletin, we cannot re-subscribe you. This feature is built into the application to safeguard you against receiving messages when you don’t want them. You will need to re-subscribe yourself manually by clicking the Subscribe Link above.

List of Recent EOSARDA Bulletins

29/03/2020 - from the Publicity Committee - stay connected
27/03/2020 - A message from the Swing into Spring Organizing Committee
25/03/2020 - Some Hints for EOSARDA Bulletins
25/03/2020 - US National Square Dance Convention CANCELLED
25/03/2020 - Lift Lock Spring Spree -- CANCELLED
25/03/2020 - Our Funny Hats Dance - Glengarry Tartans newsletter!
24/03/2020 - EOSARDA Bulletins for Dance and Club Closures
24/03/2020 - The Next Version of Square Time
23/03/2020 - Dancing Update - Glengarry Tartans
21/03/2020 - Mother's Day Dance

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