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The Bulletin Process

EOSARDA routinely sends out Bulletins via email to club contacts who, in turn, forward these bulletins to their members.  These bulletins might be information from EOSARDA, or information from a Club that wants to communicate with dancers.

Not getting these bulletins?  The EOSARDA distribution list ensures that all bulletins are sent your club representative so that they can be forwarded to club members. If you are not getting these bulletins passed on to you, please contact your club rep to find out why.

Receive bulletins directly. It is really easy for you to receive the ESARDA Bulletins directly. Simply send an e-mail message to bulletins@eoDance.ca asking to be added to our distribution list. You'll get the bulletins directly without needing to wait for them to be forwarded. However, please don't expect your club rep to remove you from the club's mailing list; that list still needs to be kept intact to ensure you get other club-related communications. If you get the bulletin twice, simply delete one.

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