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EOSARDA Standing Committees

The following is excerpted from the EOSARDA Procedures Manual:

The Board has established five Standing Committees to conduct its day-to-day work. These are:

All Directors and Officers must sit on at least one of the Standing Committees and may serve on more than one Standing Committee if they so desire.

The Officers of the Board constitute the Board’s Operating Committee which is chaired by the President.

The OACA representatives are members of Dance Committee.

The Editor of SquareTime is a member of the Club Liaison Committee.

The President is a defacto member of all Standing Committees.

At its May meeting the Board elects the Chairs of the Standing Committees for the year and confirms the membership of each of the standing committees.

Non-Board members may serve on any of the Standing Committees, with the exception of the Operations Committee; however the Chair of each Committee must be a member of the Board.

Committees are to meet regularly and maintain records of th eir decisions. Meetings may either be in person or via electronic media.

Committee Chairs are to keep the Board appraised of the activities of their Committees through regular reports to the Board.

If a Committee Chair cannot attend a Board meeting, another member of the Committee may make the report on behalf of the Chair.