square and round dance in eastern ontario

Gerry and Jim Sawtell close the Round Tuits dance club

Jim and I regret that "The Round Tuit Dance Club" will no longer be operating as of September, 2013. Due to a number of health issues we have decided that at this time we must put the club on "hold". This was a very difficult decision to make. We cherish the seven years of teaching and the many wonderful dancers that we had the pleasure to teach. So many happy memories! Both of us sincerely want to thank the Round Tuit Dancers (both past and present) for their caring, their commitment and their support over the years. And to the Round Dancers who supported our Open Dances, they too will be remembered.

For those interested in Round Dancing, I cue Easy Rounds between PLUS Tips at the Tracker's Square Dance Club on Tuesday evenings. Be sure to check the Trackers schedule because at this time Round Dancing is not part of the program every week. Last year I cued twice a month at Trackers, the first and the third Tuesdays followed by a short teach at the end of the Square Dance Program.

I will continue to cue at events sponsored by RDTA, EOSARDA and SVSRDA. And I will continue to accept invitations to be a guest cuer at other events, both local and out-of-town.

Till we meet again,

Happy Dancing!