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A $2.00 ticket for Fall Fest?

Improving Fall Fest while reducing cost

Imagine attending next year's Fall Fest dance with top notch callers and cuers ... and paying less than $2.00 per ticket.

At the moment, it's just one option for funding Fall Fest that was presented at the November Council of Dancers. Club executives need to be considering such ideas to come up with a new funding formula for Fall Fest.

In a nutshell, one proposal is to charge clubs a small amount per dancer at registration time. For this season, that would have put the per-dancer levy for this year’s Fall Fest at $1.48 per dancer. For a club of 10 dancers the levy would have been $14.80 -- less than the cost of 2 ribbons. Clubs could give away the tickets free to their dancers, sell them at cost, or reap a small surplus by selling the tickets for a nominal $7.00 each. Something to consider.

Read more about this possible scenario here and discuss it with your club.

Fall Fest 2017

Fall Fest 2017

EOSARDA’s Fall Fest Dance took place October 22, 2017 at St. Matthew High School in Orleans. A fun time was had by approximately 100 dancers, although sadly down a bit from 140 the previous year.

16 clubs out of 30 were represented and 3 newly graduated Basic dancers from last year attended with their free coupon. Mississippi Squares had the biggest turnout, followed by the Meri Squares and Village Squares.

All had a wonderful time square dancing to the calling of Brian Crawford and Dave Hutchinson and doing rounds cued by Jean and Don Clingin.

The 20 pies fruit tray consumed were enjoyed along with tea and coffee served in a separate room allowing for folks to sit down and enjoy socializing with fellow dancers. There was a fruit tray also for those unable to consume pie.

Trivia: The same number of pies were consumed this Fall Fest as were last Fall Fest.

Bob Cathcart

Bob Cathcart

Bob Cathcart, long time caller of the Capital Steppers, passed away Wednesday from cancer. Bob was a master choreographer who entertained his dancers with smooth dancing.

If you were lucky enough to ever dance in one of the clubs he called for, you would see that Bob made a point of meeting and greeting every dancer during the evening.

Bob retired from calling in 2012 and caller Paul Adams wrote a wonderful tribute to Bob on the occasion of our Ottawa Area Callers Association retirement dinner & presentation for Bob. Here’s a link to that article

It was Bob's wishes not to have a service. Condolences may be sent to:

Gayle Alberelli
1509 Claymore Ave
Ottawa, ON, K2C 1T2

Swinging Swallows Celebrates 30 Years

Swinging Swallows Celebrates 30 Years

The Swinging Swallows in Pembroke are celebrating their 30th Anniversary.  Former EOSARDA callers Mel Wilkerson and Andy Himburg-Larsen have called at the club for many years.  The 30th celebration takes place on September 30, 2:30 - 7:30 with a pot-luck supper mid-way through the event. It's open to all.  Dancing will be Basics/MS/Plus with Francois Desmarais, their Club Caller keeping them busy. Please let Gloria Bateman (bateman.gloria@gmail.com) know if you will be attending.

Happy Birthday Canada

Happy Birthday Canada

Social Networking

Social Networking

Square Time Online

Square Time Online

It's official. EOSARDA's Square Time magazine is now available online as well as in the traditional paper version from the printer.

The link to the Square Time page is in the "More..." menu item in the menu bar

... or you can do it this way.

Future issues will continue to be posted as they become available. All the 2016 issues are posted there as well

Young Dancer Intitiative

Help us find a way to encourage youth to dance

Tell us your ideas on how to get young people involved in Square Dancing:
• How do we get them interested?
• Where do we find them?

Perhaps this will mean starting up a Youth Club in your area.  Please use your local contacts to see if there would be any interest.

EOSARDA has proposed a framework to encourage young dancers to get involved. 
- A PDF version of the recent Power Point presentation on the Young Dancer Initiative is linked here. 
- As well, we captured the President's Message from the December issue of Square Time for inclusion here.

For more information on EOSARDA's initiative to teach teens modern square dancing or to have a presentation to your club...

Dave Western
Phone: 613-838-5428
Email: dlwestern@yahoo.com


The Festival 2014 collection
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